Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New arrival in the barn...

Our husky pup decided his collar was fair game, and slowly over a little bit of time, he bit through it, then tugged and played with it long enough, to shred it to bits, leaving the steel dog tags laying on the barn floor.

New harness in place, ready to have the evening walk

While out driving to an activity yesterday, I made the mistake (laugh) of visiting the pet supply store to purchase new (steel) collars for both pups, as well as harnesses to afford more comfort while out walking daily. That's what I browsed the store for, but with other children in tow, somehow a new vision came into their minds, and mom here was not only smitten, but gently coerced beyond the ability to deny the sense of the good and humble idea presented by them.

Of the children remaining in our home these days, three of them troddle out to the barn early each morning, afternoon and evening, to check their pets and tend to all their needs or chores in there. One of the children joins daily in the parade to the barn, though he has been disappointed about the territorial issues revolving around the animals, and that of not being given a fair chance to help out. Particularly he's mentioned several times, he doesn't have his own reason to venture out too, eager to greet the animals each new day, with the rest of the gang. His little hamster is fairly independant, sleeps all day long, and can't be walked or played with like a larger animal.
What can I say?

I smell something new in here...but I'm only a bird hunter

To the right side of the entry door of the pet supply store, a new litter of fluffy and oh so cute bunnies was on display. These were the mini lop bunnies, like the one we already have named "Floppy". They don't mind cold weather and only need protection from any cold wind, making them a perfect pet for the barn. Also, we've had a wonderful experience with our other gentle and cuddly bunny thus far, to the point where everyone marvels over just how sweet it is, even the original store owners when having its nails cut not long ago.

So, there they were, in their sweet baby bunny splendor, twinkly eyes mesmorizing the customers, certainly ready to have a new home await them all by whomever they could entice to have them. Everyone near the animal section stood over the large cage just oozing and gushing over them, mainly though a little black and white patch one had spellbound my children, such a sweet little thing of course. ("Mommy you just have to come and see this one!"), So sweet! I wasn't going to look. I knew what "could happen" if I did. But, I became weak, too weak. Pure mush!

Call it a truce I suppose. Our younger son could assist in its care, but had to be educated and must read up in the bunny manual, and for clarity purposes, it was going to be MINE, or the family's new animal if I agree, therefore no fighting over the "sweet" baby bunny dear. (sucker me)

Save me!

Another bunny?

"But mom! We already have everything we need for it, AND, we already do the work for one, so another is hardly an additional problem for us!"

Introducing our new arrival;

It's a Girl!

"Moppy bunny"

I came home with two new collars and two harnesses for the dogs. I also came home with a new bunny and cage. The cage had a ladder for the bunny to visit the upper flooring and a steel hay attachment for holding its timothy hay. Also on wheels, there we were, rolling out a new cage, a bunny in a box, and a bag of goodies for the dogs. Call me a sucker, but I couldn't think of one excuse NOT to say no this time around, mostly as the children really do all the work, the barn is large and suitable for another arrival to join the menagerie, AND, this does make educational science awareness. Not only are we pursuing earth sciences, but biology comes into play naturally as the evening clerk wasn't aware of what we just purchase, a female or male, leaving us to determine that once at home all snug in the barn later. No idea if we had a Bobby bunny or a Betsy bunny at that moment!

Checking out what we had - Boy or Girl?

Hubby was home when we arrived, and naturally as you might imagine, all the children so eloquently introduced him to the new addition (scurrying into the house to fetch him screaming at the top of their lungs), much to dad's surprise of course.

Someone else is so excited to meet this new baby

The mission of the moment was to create the new home for the wee bunny, tend to the chores of dinner for the animals, then walk the dogs. As the older children placed the new harnesses on and were preparing their pups for their evening walk, the husky was sensing something already, so while being led through the barn to the doorway, she noticed the new cage and spotted the bunny. She bolted in a different direction from where she was heading, and was immediately next to the new cage, excited with tail wagging in full speed, sniffing, placing her nose up against the cage with the bunny leaning against the cage steel wall, and try as our son wanted to, his dog not wanting to depart from it, almost scaring the bunny to bits. These bunnies are "dinner" for this kind of pup, though she's now used to "Floppy" and hardly sniffs or bothers him anymore. Perhaps it helps growing up together in the same surroundings, but the reaction of the new arrival sent her into orbit.

So sweet and fluffy

After an evening in her new home, Floppy was bounding crazy all over his cage wanting to meet this lovely gal. Today while out of his cage bouncing about on the barn floor play area, then out in the dog's pen when they were locked inside for a bit, both bunnies were getting familiar with one another on the floor, eyeball to eyeball. Did I say this was great biology? But, of course, when the younger daughter comes in announcing the boy really, really liked the girl because of a peculiar way he was reacting while around her. Apparently they danced the bunny dance, jumping over each other and happy as can be. Perhaps this was a mating thing....but then she said; "Mommy he just had to go to the bathroom is all.(??)"

Need I say more? No worries though, there won't be too many more moments together socializing, or we'll have a bunny population problem!

Floppy, please meet and be nice to baby Moppy

That's it!

As of today, all my shopping from this day forward will be done alone, or online! *snicker, snicker*