Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The lego bricks are once again pulled out, ready for creative constructions after many of the intricate and incredibly detailed buildings, castles, and many other artistry, had to become dismantled for our move out east.

If someone were to ask me what sort of creative play items to gather as their children grow older, I would tell them what has been successful here. We've collected items over the years in our home, which I would venture to say are still to this date, the best investment possible for all ages, even the adults fiddle with them. These have been; Duplo bricks, people and animals for younger children, Lego bricks and lego building palettes for older children which can also be used in conjunction with the duplo bricks, wooden blocks of varying sizes and shapes, playmobil historical figures, a set of dishes not too small for using with real drink/food, things to use outdoors such as sand toys, water toys for the bath and kitchen sink while mom's busy making dinner, puzzles and logic games/toys for building minds and books of course for fueling the imaginations.

With our selection of lego, duplo and wooden blocks however, these three seem to be the hottest among many, over the years, which we've accumulated through gift giving, garage sales and browsing thrift stores. Load up the lingerie bags and toss in the dishwasher to clean, but never leave them laying around to step on in the dark of night when wandering around the house!

My motto has always been; "You can never own too many of these on hand..." Our rubbermaid storage units are filled to the brim though as painstaking as it is for them to sit and sort the bricks by color or size, still in the end, they all get tossed about when serious imaginations are ebbing with budding architect lego artistry at work, for building yet another Lego artsy piece. Also, we haven't enough colors they tell me, and so these are still on "wish lists" for the future.

Inspired once again by this Lego site, copious amounts of time are being configured and slotted around schooling to configure moments for the creative juices overflow around here at present. Our youngest son became enamored with the creation of lego animals, many of them, whether or not we had the proper colored bricks, so below you'll have to understand they are what they are labelled as, just perhaps, not the most appropriate colorings.

On another note, take a look at this site to view a very immense lego church, built complete with amazing building, and even lego people sitting in the many pews inside. Click to view each picture thumbnail and be amazed at some people's imagination (and brick load supply!!!).





Many of the creations together with photo courtesy of our very own; Legoboy!