Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thoughts on flying

Like great thinkers of the western world, I give you my thoughts on flying, my great thoughts, however silly....laugh.

There was a time not too long ago I was scared to bits to fly, a white rattled knuckler they called me. Well, hitting air pockets and dropping suddenly like on a huge roller coaster drop, the memory stayed with me for years. Not a seasoned flyer anyway, how was I supposed to lose this fear? I know, I know, all of our days have already been ordained for us, that I believe, though still it was difficult to just let go and enjoy the ride.

This past two years I've been privy to "enjoy" many flights, some smooth as can be, some bumpy and crazy. Gathering experiences makes one wise, or at least able to tolerate and control fears. With my experiences this past while, I discovered I don't enjoy to take off, but love to land, complete opposite to hubby's way of thinking. Once in/out of the lower clouds and the boom boom toss and limited view out the window, I'm fine. Two years ago I boarded a small propellered aircraft for a short flight from Vancouver to Kamloops on a Dash 8. It was the first time I had boarded an aircraft in over ten years. I was alone, heading up to a meeting event with some other women. As I entered the doorway, the flight attendant placed the wrath of fear in my heart as she announced; "It's VERY bumpy up there, you're in for a very rough ride today!". YIKES!!!

I prefer an aisle seat, quick and easy access in and out of the seat and the aircraft sights are then enhanced with more ability and less obstructive items for viewing my surroundings. I like to pray before taking off as we taxi down the runway, offering up myself for whatever is to be of the trip ahead.

And just when I'm happy to be on Terra ferma once more, eventually I get filled with wanderlust again to fly out somewhere geographically.