Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inspired by "Degas"

Following in the footsteps of her older sister, and her nieces, this young gal has become very inspired by the artist otherwise known as "Degas". His painted depictions of lovely and dainty ballerinas dressed in their fineries has enticed her, actually excited her to someday, be (at least look) just like them. She's become encouraged and motivated, with the odd thought of perhaps, becoming an expressive dancer someday herself, worthy of winning the inclusion into the prestige status of "PrimaBallerina", though truly she knows nothing of what that would entail at this moment.

For now at her young age, a crossroads of sorts has led her out of the more recreational ballet , and into the wonderful world of the mandatory stretching and barre work, exams in the spring, simple competition with other energetic young dancers, allowing for a healthy bit of peer pressure, if only, for the advancement into proper ballet positionings and steps. ("Gotta do it right you know mom"; she says...wink) The mirrors allow the gals to catch glimpses of their turn-outs, body positions in general and of course, their radiant and beautiful smiles.

All the ballet movements are wonderful and so very graceful, until...they put on their tap dance shoes for the next class. Incredible chaos then ensues making a parent wonder how it can be their little darling exited one dainty class, only to then become clod hopping, noise making, long legged monkeys jumping up and down, slapping those noisy shoes onto the floor in the next class.

And on that note, she's been given a little booklet of the Degas ballerina stickers (Dover publishing company) to add to her sticker collection, so maybe she'll remember the way a dancer should be poised with gentleness. heehee

With pink skirt floating around her legs like the movement of delicate fluffy clouds, she tiptoed to the end of her new dance classroom for this picture on her first day back in class. Oops, no outdoor shoes were allowed, but did this deter her? Nope....

"But mom, these are my NEW church shoes!" "Aren't they clean enough?"