Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exploring again

We've been exploring again!

The pioneer wagon sailed off to explore yet again, an amazing little town called "Petrolia". At first when I heard the name, it sounded toxic to me. Sheesh! But, it's very well known, not huge by any means and has a very intimate ambiance to the town.

Petrolia was the very first town to have a working oil rig in the entire world! This successful mission was accomplished in the late 1800's. Today, the older rigs set up on the same property still function, hauling out approximately 200 barrels each month, which isn't much by today's standards. However, with the same type of working machinery used during it's origins, this is an abundance and a huge success still by oil riggers standards.

Petrolia Oil fields
Bank of Nova Scotia -1911

The town is known by its "Victorian era" theme, with houses and buildings from the 1800's still intact and completely preserved. It gives one the feel of an older Fort Langley with the rich and regal glances of days gone by. Many of the homes had lovely turrets on the roofs, or verandas with swings on them to catch passersby along the sidewalks. Only a short distance from the business area, these homes weave in and out creating quite a stir in the imagination. I expected perhaps anytime to see someone such as Louisa May Alcott take her daily stroll up the boulevard to her publisher or some other such errand of her day. *smile*

Right in the center of the town, there is a Victorian playhouse, most popular and still flourishing today with their theatre, concerts and performances.

The Victorian Theatre

The gorgeous, old railroad station has been preserved well, and now is the home to the local library (I loved this building!)

The old railway station, now the local library

There is a lovely tea shop on the main route, one we must explore some other time.

Older homes with many verandas on several floors

And of course, all around were reminders of mini oil rigs for the townsfolk to recall their humble beginnings.

A lovely exploration once again of something historical to add to our days in the east. More to come next week though, as we venture forth onto "The Freedom Trail" in Boston, Massachusetts. So keep checking in with our blog for more soon.