Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Room with a view

The view from our hotel room on the 34th floor

With hubby's work committments taking him out of town, on impulse, the rest of us had the opportunity to travel and experience one of North America's loveliest spots, and join him after missing out on the weekend together.

During the day, tourists gather in droves here, but being off season at this present time still, and the weather not so forgiving, we all concur that seeing "Niagara Falls" in its glorious unspoiled natural form, spilling water over its brim with massive force, is just amazing, and an incredibly awesome experience to be a spectator near its edges! The loud roaring sounds of its rushing waters created a spellbound audience with everyone observing it around us, typically distracted and in awe, over the enormity of the falls. We were drenched before even arriving at the fenced viewpoint, as the mist drifted about, then encompassed our bodies with wet moist kisses. No wonder sales are brisk for plastic ponchos here!

Our mini vacation time was on the Canadian side of the border with views of both American and Canadian falls in front of us, out our bedroom windows.

By night, all restaurants with views are packed and the patrons sit to admire the lights, changing colors around the falls while eating their delicacies. We had a light meal at the "Keg" restaurant which included an intimate look at the wonder of rushing waters directly before our eyes, nine stories off the ground. Amazing, especially when it became dark, and the waterfalls were suddenly transformed and highlighted into rainbow colors when spotlights began showing them off.

A room with a view is the title of this blog and certainly fitting. Our room was skyhigh, way up on the 34th floor of the "Embassy Suites" hotel. Not only could we behold both the Canadian and American sides of the falls, but too we could see the mass of land for miles and miles from way up there.

Truly, what a great place to stay! With our two room suite, the fare was off season and not only included a nice hot buffet breakfast for each guest gratias, but also a manager's snack time in the afternoon with food, assorted beverages for children and two free alcoholic beverages for adults, should they wish them. As the juke box played on, people of all walks strolled into the atrium, to partake in the food fest for the taking.

There are few hotels which leave a great impression with me when our children have been along in tow. Admittedly all is crazy while initially settling in, but I really was hugely impressed by the family friendly environment within the complex. From the staff working there and their genuine friendliness, to the lovely display of food, pools to tempt anyone of any age, many other family friendly activities; there was much to do, in case of a rainy day. And it rained during our time there, quite a great deal!

I would highly greatly recommend the experience to anyone, but book ahead if you're traveling during peak times.