Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Off to the lake.

Our little bit of heaven, just a short distance away; we decided to take in a respite at the lake. With its very attractive sandy beach and blue waters beckoning us towards it, first we hurdled down a steep set of stairs before arriving at the shore.

It's still difficult to believe this is merely a lake, rather than an ocean with its gentle waves lulling the senses, and its huge expanse, some 81 miles wide at the largest east/west points. Huge barges and ships use the lake to transport between countries, sometimes daily. Sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, and all sorts of vessels have been spotted on this lovely lake, sure to please any water lover. Fishermen have fishing derbies often. We're told there are also several very interesting ship wrecks within this lake, and one particular spot is a "divers paradise", though I've now forgotten the name of course.

We woke up to another bright and cheery start to our day, with sun and warmth soon filling the house. Not like home in the west for the damp outdoors and rain much of this past fall and winter, here it's dry much of the time. The bright skies are a joy to lap up lots of natural lighting from.

Once at the lake, I could feel my whole body relax, almost melt into the sand. It was tempting to lie down and just listen contentedly to the rolling wave noises or observing the children loving their time there. There is peace at the water's edge. Today, we experienced that peace, with some memories and experiences to pass along here;

- How dare we think rubber boots would be best?

- Perfect skipping rocks were all over the shores.

- Each taking skipping rocks to see who's could skip the most.

- Each taking rocks to see who could throw the farthest.

- Turning our heads quickly when a sudden gust of air blew sand at our faces.

- Finding shells (?) on the sandy shores.

- Making "sand" angels was something attempted. Very cool actually.

- Racing together in the sand to the water's edge.

- Trying out the cool water with bare feet.

- Admiring the sights and sounds.

- Trying to remember - This was just a lake!