Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Terrific Trio!

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

It began as a birthday breakfast for a friend, and then snowballed into a round robin of several friends, for a few years. Three of this core group continued the tradition for years after, now counting approximately thirteen years of blowing out candles with each other. The three amigos are; Herta, Sylvia and yours truly.

We three became the diehards!

We are the ultra fun chicks having way too much fun and proving that life really does begin after about age forty or so.

Like the current bestselling series entitled "Sisterchicks", these two and I have become just that! We've made many memories together, bonding (like glue) in a very sweet and precious way. As a result, over the years, we schemed ways to become bolder in our times together as our younger children grew older, allowing us more time to play outside of the home. We have had no difficulties encouraging giggles and fits of silliness, not fearing what one another thinks.

Three times each calendar year we brainstorm to reserve a spot on the calendar, then set aside all busyness in our lives. Once plotted in the little squares, we ultimately begin to anticipate in preparations for those next wonderful moments to behold once more. First the cherished and loving greetings, food, then catching up with often deep and uninhibited sharing, food, prayer time blessings, food, activities, food, and yes, sometimes, even chocolate. Did I mention the food?

We've blown out many candles together in intimate settings, held up one another in times of deep despair, sat in restaurants and tea shops, cooked for each other, had picnics, dined at a winery and sipped the goods in the sample rooms, walked along the dike, shared meals and desserts, sang birthday greetings, exchanged gifts, and strolled along the boardwalk and pier at White Rock, licking our Italian sorbets after a lovely dinner high on the rooftop overlooking the ocean.

We've been chastised over our sneaky boldness when laying around, and swinging wildly on a forbidden hammock, three across sideways. Woohoo! That was fun!

We watched one another's children grow up, then attended the weddings, and listened to the stories of the grandbabe arrivals.

With our very busy schedules, we've always managed to make certain to insist on time to sit, catch up, enjoy the outdoors, sneaked onto museum gazebos, always chatting long into the afternoons, or late into the evenings, before "home" was beckoning us back.

We joked about how the age of forty was coming fast and too soon. Then it came. Shortly before we heard of "the red hat society" where women were greeting middle age with verve, excitement, and all out humor~ laughs galore, feeling young, adventurous, and so very full of life still, celebrating silliness which is the comedy relief of life, by wearing a red hat, and maybe, a purple dress with it.

Funny things began to appear wherever we went, reminding us of the silly red hat, the carefree attitudes, and we began to aspire to thoughts of "joy" and even immense "bold courage" surfaced. Bold courage was for all of us, heading into unknown territories with plans of making excursions further away. One in particular necessitated bold courage, for a participant being such a great sport with our kayaking adventure, specially when she divulged she was hesitant because she couldn't swim. But, she, like us, paddled our hearts out, were bold and courageous on that one, and in the end, all lived to tell. What fun!

A definition of a sisterchick is;

Sisterchick; A friend who shares the deepest wonders of your heart, loves you like a sister and provides a reality check for you, when you're being a brat.

Wouldn't you know it, but six years after laughing over the "red hat" ideas we gathered up, we found out the red hat society had several colors of head gear, each color ranks a change of age in years. Red we were informed was actually for fifty (and they made ME wear that color for my fortieth birthday lunch! Just a little premature huh?), pink wasn't so bold because it was for forty, and purple; the mightiest color of them all is reserved for sixty and over. We were fooled!

My friend Herta is so fortunate to earn her red hat this year. She rolled into the new color palette with dignified grace and absolute high class, being the elegant and grand lady she is, the titus two mama all admire her for, truly exquisite in her character and so very dear to our hearts.

Happy Birthday my precious friend!

Missing you on this grand occasion, but knowing we will be united soon to celebrate this milestone and fabulous occasion. Sylvia, you're next! Enjoy the pink for a wee while yet my friend. *smile*

I have grown to love you both so much, and can't hardly wait until we meet again. Oh, did I tell you what our next adventure will be? Take a looksy below and guess!

Happy Birthday! Love you both!