Saturday, May 06, 2006

Papa's Burgers

Check out the new BBQ, the one that just "had" to be hooked up to natural gas, on the deck, never to run out of propane again, says hubby. Yet, in the hubby's defense though, this really should be cutting edge stuff, that is, never to run out of propane again.

Regardless of the deep desires of the BBQ man's heart, truly, we lucked out on this very frugal find last week. It was an assembled model featured and showcased at the store, yet the stock had been completely depleted, leaving this model placed for sale to the first lucky purchaser moments before we arrived at this store.

Well, that fortunate person was me!

I stood in front of it, guarding it just like a judge. I even removed the sale sign and hugged it closely (sneaky huh?), while hubby went off to pay for it with an employee we motioned to nearby.

Several folks came up to it meanwhile, not even clueing in, even with me sprawled all over the top to indicate I was the new owner, to inquire as to the price. Immediately my retort was "it's mine, it's sold", and sold it was! Just that quickly - to us. *laugh*

This little baby is not only a natural gas burning BBQ, but it also sports a burner on one side to cook on with regularly cookware from the kitchen. The price was regularly featured at 450.00, but we purchased it for 149.99. Fabulous deal; our deal that is! teehee

The double bonus for us was this model also featured the natural gas hookup line directly on the unit not requiring another purchase, it didn't have to be assembled, and we could simply roll it out to the van for its transport home. If only shopping could be that easy all the time!

Alas, here now tonight, it is showcased on our back deck, graced by its new covering to protect it during weather extremities.

Summer cooking will be a breeze this year, though we're told folks here cook outdoors all year long. Oh joy! Hubby can do the cooking all year long! What a good deal!