Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mommy, please make cards with me today.

Okay, so Mother's Day was slightly opposite to what I had anticipated as a gentle day with peace and tranquility within the home, being mom's day and all...wink, wink.

Instead, the reality was, hubby had been called out of town for work, one child had been throwing up in the night from too much junk on his birthday, one child needed to be read to, and one little girl was begging me please, (oh, pretty please), to get down right crafty and make cards with her all afternoon.

I'd been promising to do this with her the day before, but, managing a traditional birthday breakfast, doing mountains of laundry, getting housework accomplished, and getting kids to their hockey game, made for a day loaded with no extra time left over.

With puppy doggie eyes, big pouty lips and a sense of hope in her voice, I confess it was difficult to refuse her request. We headed to mom's office and decided upon two specific cards, both the same, though as you can see, each became our own little unique creations in the end.

Clutching her beloved new cards to her chest, sincere gratitude was espoused over and over again, and great big bear hugs came at bedtime claiming what a wonderful time she had with her mommy.

Indeed, THIS is what motherhood is really all about;

- Treasured and sometimes stolen moments with each other when its the last thing you feel like doing at that instant.

- Making memories to last a lifetime when least expected.

- Simple pleasures with paper and assorted accessories.

- Sweet dreams to drift off beyond neverland with.

And so much more of course, but some reflections of this card making time enjoyed with my little one.

God made me a mother to many. Yep - many of them! Though I'll be the first to admit there are times when I feel totally inadequate for such a huge job, and so very far from being the perfect mother for the task of raising these little souls, with the help of God's grace, I will continue to stumble along with the duties and responsibilities of my calling to motherhood, that these young ones continue to bless me with.

As the years whisk by, I can attest to the fact that there are always sweet and tender moments continually enriching my life, many of them unexpectantly, but moments so dear and so very precious, during these short times, in the child rearing scope of things. For such moments as these, I am truly blessed beyond measure to have children who allow me to be imperfect, allow me to be who I am, and what I am - nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you gang !