Sunday, October 01, 2006

Autumn wonderland...

Walking in an autumn wonderland was our theme.

Taking a family stroll along the sea's edge, we couldn't help but notice copious amounts of the new season's changes while taking our walk. With an abundance of rain pelting down on us the past few days, thunder storms accompanying it and having been cooped up in the house, the chance to get outdoors was a real blessing for us today.

The sun was a balm for rejuvenating our mind and bodies and such a pretty sight to see, illuminating our day, glorious in its position mounted up high amongst the white puffy clouds in the beautiful blue sky.

It was also a perfect day for spending a memorable afternoon at our chosen spot near the water, a time for the children to play at the park, and time to enjoy some hand cut fresh french fries at the stand nearby, a real seasonal treat for the locals... I am told. Most of all, it was simply delightful to take a few moments for hubby and I to turn our faces upward towards the autumn sky, close our eyes, feeling those rays from the sun's warmth deep within us, radiating all the way to our toes, while lounging on the picnic table, as the children consumed their ketchup coated snack.

It was so incredibly refreshing to just sit and be still!

Here are a few of the things that caught my photographer's eye (smile), as I snapped away with my trusty camera tagging along, sitting pretty on my shoulder during our family afternoon excursion.

Park revellers feeding the squirrel population. Many swarmed about as peanuts in their shells were presented out of the hands of three admiring nature buffs and two photographers snapped pictures of the event (I was

This squirrel saw me pull out the camera and ran right up to my feet, likely looking for some more peanuts I would imagine.

Sunshine and white puffy clouds

The leaves on the trees are becoming more sparse as the wind gently blows them away
Crunch, crunch under our feet. A contrast to the lovely looking water colors

This tree has strange looking seed pods on it. An ornamental ash tree supposely

This "mother squirrel" hit the jackpot at the french fry stand a minute earlier. While gobbling down its loot, it allowed me to get this close for a great shot.

I loved this birdhouse in the middle of the park. It reminded me of an amish yard with birds flying to and fro preparing for a winter's nesting.

Swinging their cares away, what could be better on such a beautiful day!