Saturday, August 18, 2007

Announcing new things here!

Of Interest..

There has been minor changes on my blog, sweet little HTML computer page devices I found particularly touching to place within my personal space here.

If you've not been to the very end of this page in some time, why not press your "end" button when the page has fully loaded to observe what's new these days.

First of all I've placed several long counters with photos of the people who are counting down the days (and sleeps) to something very special in their lives. These are the people we are praying for amongst many others of course. It's been fun to watch the countdown in progress, the daily reminders of celebrations and blessings to come in the near future.

Secondly, you may or may not have your speakers turned on and noticed I've added music selections here. I've placed four of our favorites these days, ones to lift ANY weary soul, offering kind thoughts to those who are remaining in the west and our friends all over the world in general.

Yes.....for sure....
  • You'll be in our hearts!
  • Find your wings!
  • Friends are friends forever!
  • I can only imagine...
To you all, sending lots of love to you through the countdowns and, of course, the music.