Monday, August 20, 2007

Five days...

Five Days!

The countdown is ticking, the sand in the hourglass is tumbling down, sifting through the moments of time, and the wedding day is fast approaching!

We are flying west to attend our daughter Ashley's wedding, visit with family and friends and enjoy a whirlwind, hair-straight-back busy time.

We will welcome Mike into our family officially, celebrate my parent's 55th Wedding Anniversary, our son Aaron and his wife Jennifer's Wedding Anniversary, Mike's birthday (he turns 30), and so many other festive gatherings worthy of our time and affections. We'll fill you in when we return. For now though, we are preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally (who are we trying to kid?) for the day ahead when another child leaves the nest, cleaving to her husband forevermore.

Going to the chapel and we're gonna see our daughter's married....going to the chapel of love....

Stay tuned!