Saturday, August 18, 2007

August blessings continue...

August Blessings continue...

Our summer weather has been truly fantastic, nine weeks of sunshine to date and only three stormy wet days to care for thirsty grounds.

The humidity has not been horrible, a mere few specific days when hubby had to remain indoors with the air conditioning humming along, offering everyone cooler reprieves from the burning rays outdoors, results of the summer’s heat waves.

Our great weather continues to be such a lovely blessing, enhancing our recent company's visit during this month of August. Surely it is a bonus reward, allowing for tours around our eastern areas and fun geographical explorations, including also all the summer season typically includes - even if only simple pleasures of lazier and longer days with their accompanying beautiful sunsets.

So long, until next time dear friends.

This morning we bid farewell to our dear friends from Indiana, thoroughly enjoying our past few days with them here in our eastern home. As only kindred spirits can do, it was such a pleasure to see them, observe their easy comfort inside of our home, all of us taking the time out to nurture our friendship for continued growth. We made memories to tuck in the recesses of our hearts. Certainly our “Caribbean Couple” (wink) left us all wonderful pleasures while we were enabled to spend the quality time with one another. How it would be grand to have them living closer!

Looking ahead over the next few months, we will more than likely make our next trek to Chicago again, dreaming of special medical possibilities for hubby, also knowing we will be passing by their home, allowing for more visiting in the near future.

The children were given a weekly assignment challenge to query their father using a specific question; “When will we be going to Chicago again?”, something to we're definitely looking forward to for enjoying further friendship moments and geographical adventures in their locale as offered.

Thank you to you both!