Wednesday, August 08, 2007

They HAVE arrived!

After a great flight, our son and daughter in law arrived safe, happy and thrilled to be back on terra ferma. They willingly and lovingly escorted the oldest three grand-daughters from their siblings' families, to visit with us all during the same time period. It was so kind of them to bring them along to the east and it was so thrilling to know we had family coming to see us here.

In anticipation of heavier traffic on the roads with the onset of rush hour descending upon us during our travel time heading towards the airport, we decided to commence the journey earlier than normal, possibly stopping along the way for a bite to eat if there was time to spare. Unaware of the highway construction we would encounter, a stop for a sit down dinner wasn’t to be. Rather it took us two extra hours (for a total of 3) to travel a drive that normally took under one hour instead.

We encountered parking issues when first arriving at the wrong building, but all was well when we learned the family’s flight had just landed and was heading for their gate. Timing was perfect and excitement was building!

Hello Nana and Papa!

We proceeded to the International flight area, and waited where we were allowed to observe, though our focal points only offered views of calves and knee caps descending down the escalator. Whenever we saw little legs, we crouched down to see whom they belonged to. Finally, after some four other flights merged into the pedestrian traffic, we saw three familiar beaming little faces and the two adults escorting them to the east. They had arrived. There they were!

So exciting to have their very own luggage!

Three little bodies ran opened armed to grab hugs from my hubby and I waiting for them all outside of the glass doors. Two others followed and hugs were all around for the grabbing and squeezing.

Carrying his most wonderful possession,
the Nintendo Wei came along!

After waiting for the luggage at the carousel, we were off and headed for home. More road construction along the way after dark slowed the journey, but only by half an hour this time.

Having a great wake up in the pool after a very late night.

A late night ensued, and so far today they’ve filled their time with many things, including feeding the horses over the fence with treats, a swim in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, hide and seek, crafts and munching meals. After a cookout tonight, we think these young ones will fall into bed just fine. The older ones will follow closely behind, for the Wei Nintendo which traveled along with our son was hooked up and 2am crept up quite quickly for a few diehard game players.

Feeding the horses their treats at the fence.

The sun is up after a dreadful morning storm yesterday, though we sure needed the downpour.

Off to make memories…more to come.