Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're home safe and sound...

Wedding bells rang.
We rejoiced!

Three airport tours today and alas the final flight eagle landed. We collected our luggage, caught the shuttle to the parkade and proceeded to drive home.

I awoke at 1:10 am, and sleep wasn't to be. I woke everyone else up somewhere around 3:30am, so we are all very tired tonight! Most are already in bed, happy to resume sleeps in their own beds, I'm off shortly myself.

Truly, it was a marvelous whirlwind visit to the west coast, the purpose as I've mentioned before was for celebrating a marriage in our family. Our daughter married her Mike, and it was a most memorable time for all!

Back when I recover...and I gather pictures from the camera. For now, here's something to see - truly happy parents. Yoohoo Carol, where we you? hee hee (Next time!)

Father of the Bride (my hubby),
Mother of the Bride (myself)
and the Groom's father,
all smiles as this was a grand day to rejoice!

(P.S. I have to say it was so cold on the westcoast, I placed socks on my feet to warm up for the first time in nine weeks. Back home today, it's a balmy 86 degrees, and tomorrow is supposed to hover around 92 degrees. Yahoo!!!)