Saturday, August 18, 2007

The beautiful colors of summer...

Summer's bounty!

Summer’s bounty surrounds us at this time of year. Delicious aromatic scents reach out to grab our attention, and wonderful visual temptations encourage drooling sensations deep within.

Popping up within our country location, there seems to be a plethora of temporary stands popping up upon occasion, filled with garden fresh offerings fresh from the farmer's fields. Our grocery stores are stacked with bulging bins of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and of course, we have our incredible organic delivery service arriving each week with freshly picked colorful delights.

Who can resist a carrot fresh from the garden, a sweet cherry tomato picked from its vine, or a handful of plump blueberries to savor the summer’s gifts to us?

Fresh from the garden...

With fresh eyes, may you see the beauty of the simple before your eyes this time of year, the bountiful garden of gifts beckoning your attention, and all the possibilities for color at your table for nutritious fare over the coming weeks.

Who says fresh is not the very best?