Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating loved ones...

Happy Father's Day to my hubby!
Happy Graduation to our Son!

Today we celebrated loved ones in our family. This incredible day provided a time capsule filled with memories in our lives for dual celebratory occasions, and tender loving sessions with just the six of us hanging out together all day - on purpose! We woke to sunny skies - absolutely perfect weather for a celebration if you ask me.

Yesterday I was able to slip into a party store to shuffle through the aisles of the store, noting the displays and recommendations for such occasions as the two we had on hand in our family today. I found fun helium balloons to commemorate the celebrations this day and brought them home in a great big balloon bag. They remained in the vehicle until a late hour last night and then when all were asleep, I went outdoors to fetch them, trying my hardest to tiptoe with them in hand so I could surprise all with them in the morning. (Ever carried around an awkward and very noisy BIG bag filled with helium balloons, and tried to be quiet? LOL)

We proclaimed this day to be delegated as a high priority "family day" for the purpose of honoring our own. Firstly we celebrated the fact this was "Father's Day", naturally thoughts of my hubby filled the air around here, and of course both of our own fathers this day were on our minds. (Sending our love to our Dads over on the Westcoast).

Simple thanksgiving and sincere enthusiasm reigned throughout our home, from our "good mornings" to all attending a lovely brunch in the dining room.

My husband enjoyed a simple fanfare after our breakfast brunch round the table giving us a real show with plenty of hilarious antics rendering photo snapping from the warm fuzzies to remember for a long time. He can really get quite dramatic when he wants to, a funny side he shows our family upon occasion which has always had us in stitches over the funnies he presents.

Definitely looking just like "Indiana Jones" there honey

His new "Tilley Hat" will become a true asset to protect him from the onslaught heat waves of summer when the sun rises and the accompanying heat rises the mercury in our thermometer to high proportions making it all uncomfortable for everyone. A baseball hat is good. A Tilley is better yet for those super hot days when the sun rests just under the nap at the neck and on the face near the jaw. We're always on the lookout for shady spots to get him out of the sun's rays when we are out of the home, so this hat will become a great addition for his summer protection plan.

Did you know when you purchase a Tilley hat, no matter how long you own it, or what condition it ends up in, it can be replaced free of charge down the road, even as in the case of a man who returned his after 40 years of wear when it was almost thread bare around the visor part? Good stuff! I'm impressed as night has not quite fallen and he has already filled out his Tilley lifetime guarantee card, now ready to be popped into the mailbox tomorrow.

My hubby certainly loves the heat but it doesn't offer anything worthwhile even with just the welcomed warmth he so loves to bask in. Rather, summer can become a difficult time when it brings not only inevitable higher heat but in turn the warmer weather always carries along with it more humidity (especially here in the east). Often during these months my hubby can experience some uninvited panic driven moments when he feels the very sudden sensation of being smothered by a pillow over his face, unable to breathe properly during those times with his respiratory condition.

For those who have emailed to inquire about my hubby, thanks so much for your kind words and continued prayers! I am happy to report he has actually had several "okay" weeks while continuing with his twice weekly sessions of respiratory physiotherapy and many of his occupational energy tips have assisted deeply in helping him conserve his energies during activities. At this time we know it's necessary to gear up for tougher humidity conditions ahead. We can only hope and pray it isn't too severe this year, indeed that would be grand.

Today we also celebrated a milestone for our son being that he is now a 2009 (Home Educated) Highschool Graduate. Yes, this day is already here....and so soon.

No Grad cap for him today.
He prefers ball hats...this one with a grad tassel.
tee hee

Surprise after surprise filled our morning, the whole day really, but first mother here took out the very large bag of balloons to decorate the breakfast table. Along with matching napkins, a table centerpiece and other assorted items, we celebrated one occasion after another. Father's Day came first with our breakfast, and then when all was tidied up afterward it was time for a Graduation Celebration.

Gifts from the grandparents were presented,
the ones my mother left here the last time she came to visit.

Our son was deeply touched when he unwrapped an 11 x 17 framed graduation photo complete with congratulatory signatures written all around the enclosed matting. When I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago, I carried this matting everywhere I went and all the family were only too happy and pleased to participate in congratulating their brother, grandson and friend. Today, he became misty eyed for the sweet little notes resting upon that forever keepsake.

A very touching moment observing his response to this gift.

For an instant we were shocked by the time of day, almost too late for changing into our Sunday best and proceed out of the door to church for our noon time mass. We got completely distracted with our celebrations and we almost ran late getting out of the door. At one point while our son was opening a gift, I jokingly said; "Hurry up!" We all began to chuckle and dash from the table to get ready to leave.

The perfect way to end an afternoon and evening is to spend it by the water's edge. Original plans for the day included an outing request from my hubby but after a high mass turned out to be longer than anticipated, we all got into our family vehicle and pointed it in the direction of water, and just drove until we arrived at a boating dock and set off to explore the area.

Waterfront - the best place to be in SUMMER!

Park benches were scattered around the dock's wooden planks, and it was the perfect spot to take an afternoon stroll while stopping occasionally to rest and sip on a Timmies coffee. (wink, wink)

A few choice photos were snapped, random ones that I just enjoyed through my lens, and very soon we all opted to enjoy a dinner outing on the patio of one of the restaurants located on the waterfront.
After church most changed into other more
casual clothing for this dock side adventure

Arriving home in the early evening we noticed our carpenter had returned while we were gone out for the day and accomplished quite a bit more on our deck.

More deck action was underway while we were gone for the day

Picture perfect moments often happen when we least expect them, a few of those picture perfect celebratory moments that can only happen on impulse are uploaded here for our family to see. They were snapped on the spur of the moment when everyone was still reeling with happy adrenaline from the entire day's events and blessings.

Father and Son sharing a special memory together

The End of a GREAT DAY!