Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday Cruising

Summertime Sea Breezes

Gotta love it when summer begins to come around, weather and all. Let's just say we got into the mood for summer this past weekend while celebrating the success of our family workbee the day before, and for this fabulous and most special present day - The Feast of Corpus Christi.

We celebrated alright, by relaxing and soothing our sore muscles and itchy scratchy mosquito bites by partaking in an afternoon cruise on the water, sailing for 3 hours as a family outing, all the while continually marveling over new waterways with historical/geographical narrations from captain.

The entire trip was spectacular for all even with the vast differences in weather changes. At first we were just fine, it was warm and no jackets were required.

Sea breezes are a balm to anyone with respiratory issues, a natural remedy to feel ..oh so good!

Sudden gusts of strong winds burst through the upper deck and the rain began to drop from the bulging black clouds overhead right where we were seated on our boating cruise, resulting in several trips up and down to warm up a bit and jackets were on. I should mention here there were a few family diehards who never left their seats and braved the elements on the upper deck the entire time.

We knew there would be a bit of rain. We knew the sun would still shine later after it dissipated and the best part is we also knew this would be a good day to cruise about because not as many folks would be thrilled with such weather prospects. The ship wasn't too crowded, plenty of room for all to wander about on both upper and/or lower decks. It was just right.

Within an hour or so, glorious sunshine blasted its rays directly on our boating vessel, spilling warmth and wonder into all of the passenger's spirits.

The upper deck became lively once with passengers preferring to get out into the elements while enjoying fun forays of sailing, speed boat and seadoo wild riders in the ship's waves' wake.

Both of our boys preferred to remain on the lower covered deck for most of the sailing, and somehow our oldest son managed to keep away from his mother's camera lens subject viewing. So, there are no photos of him on this trip save for his back in one photo while we were waiting on the dock to board the boat. His loss as he doesn't get to make it on this blog's photo picks for the post. LOL

All that said, I more than made up for the lack of photos for one child by playing with my camera (alot!) while simply taking facial photos of all the other family members at whim, capturing some really fantastic shots if I do say so myself. I won't upload them all here, just going to enjoy my looty in my photo files instead.

However, there is one shot that says it all when everyone tires of being "mom's subject" and I simply must share it with all of you....LOL....hee hee

H0w to end a perfect day of course? Dairy Queen ice cream treats! Yum! And then off for home where hubby prepared a feast for any king/queen.