Saturday, June 20, 2009


Just a little update today folks to report recent updates on the building of our new deck.

It's been a challenge for our carpenter, my hubby and oldest son to venture out to the back each evening this week as each working session has come complete with mosquito nippings and skin swattings. Yes, I know we can arm ourselves with plenty of sprays, in fact we have various kinds on board and STILL the ghastly insects adore my hubby the most. Perhaps we are thinking it's his more rare blood type, super yummy sweet and delicious for a mosquito to avoid the hunt for him, even while he sleeps! Just as a vampire becomes tempted with the lure of scent, so too we are sure now a mosquito can sniff the aroma of my hubby from miles away. Today he directed the three man working crew from within the confines of our home, through the screened doorway rather than exit the house for long.

We understand there are various devices and name brand mosquito aids one can purchase and have had several recommended to us. As I've proceeded with my research on which might render the best service for our home, I've become discouraged over employees snickering at me when I tell them where I live. Apparently these mosquito repellent or fluorescent sapper devices aren't working much in our area at this time, almost as though the insects have become oblivious to what their purpose is. So, I'm still hunting and darned if I'm going to find a simple remedy to the continued problem here. sigh...

Meanwhile, back to our deck...

The inspector showed up shortly after lunch on Friday, yesterday, and gave thumbs up we were allowed to begin the concrete pour into the sonotubes. One inspection down, two to go...

Our young carpenter comes with great qualifications from learning young while working side by side with his professionally European trained father. He retains a professional attitude on the job front, always working meticulously to secure excellent quality results. He more than earns the reputation he carries locally, a great guy to hire for our task at hand.

Relaxation occurs when one is working with a
reputable carpenter, a young one at that.

We have been greatly impressed by him and his work ethics, and the way he manages his additional helpers, our son included. Perfect training for future learning prospects, our son may be hired as a "helper" by him someday, at least that's what he's exclaimed to us anyway. I'm only hoping... grin, grin.

Deck in waiting outside of the door we've not yet been able to use.

Three men lifted and carried the smaller existing deck over to the other set of doors, and there it sits awaiting its installation next week sometime.

Many board planks were hoisted over men's shoulders and carried to the back decking area for an easy grab while construction was in progress. First though, my hubby and son scooted out early this morning to purchase another 12 bags of concrete mix because we were actually short with the pouring from yesterday into the concrete footing piers (sonotubes). Our son was weight training and didn't even know it when having to haul all the bags around. Bonus!

And the monsoon rains did fall but thankfully it was warm!

The weather the past few days has been extra lovely and warm, and today was no exception, that is until the rains came pouring down in a monsoon-like effect. All the worker's clothing was soaked through but none batted an eyelash as it was still warm out. Eventually though they called it quits when all the outside box, joists, beams, under beam support posts and handrail posts were all nicely in place.

Here's where we are at today, with more to come...