Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ten Things I'm Thankful for

It's been a little while since I posted my "ten things" group of photos, things I'm thankful for. Here are the latest but as always, these are only small glimpses into my grand list of gratitude items. Clearly, if I had to list them all, the blog I would write would never take the upload in one post.

I sincerely hope you've all had a grand week and I'd like to challenge you to create a "ten things" list on your own blog in the near future.

Share with me if you do. I'd love to come visit and see your "gratitude" list.


- 1 - I'm thankful for Shakespeare's drama scenes, delighted actually when "they finally get it" around here. I have proven to be a mother to reckon with because I've never skipped on the bonus of learning Shakespeare's histories, comedies and tragedies all through our learning years. We're even known to attend all the live Shakespeare plays....much to the chagrin of a few teens upon occasion if they story line isn't their type. The rewards are many though, so we'll just keep chugging along with the Bard's writings with the rest of the younguns.

- 2 - I'm thankful for taking time to get back into an organizing BLITZ in our new home, still trying to "settle in" and very happy with even the simplest things, like using the wooden cutlery drawer divider above for my makeup drawer goodies to sit in for an easy find. Love it! My hubby has one too so they are a very useful find for both of us.

I have several other posts on organizing issues here, those ones are still hanging around my computer growing cobwebs. I had intended to post them all in rapid succession long ago; my craft room, library and others that I'll get up soon. I promise. I need to take better pics yet and then they will be uploaded. Thanks for being patient with me.

- 3 - I'm thankful for the deck permit which was ready today so this weekend will see a work bee around our home with older son hired to lay poly and fill the lower area (before the deck is built overhead) with crushed rock, dig trenches for the footing pillons and assist in small details before the professional carpenter arrives. I just LOVE having a son who isn't afraid of hard work, or extra cash earnings while working to assist in the family as a whole.

- 4 - I'm thankful for having a few bottles stocked up of a therapeutic essential lavender oil to use on all of our multitudes of mosquito bites. Sheer relief from the itch and swelling is something we all run for the bottle for. It still smells great when a drop is added to the sheets in the washing machine too. Ooh la la!

- 5 - I'm thankful for soccer season upon us where our two younger ones were placed on the same team this year, both having a blast and making many new friends while playing games on the field. Lots of soccer action will continue yet for a few more weeks, and what fun this is to see them race around the field while working together with their team mates.

- 6 - I'm thankful for our current "Fun with Nature" studies as the theme has provided for a myriad of interesting topics while adventuring and discovering all there is to offer us on our new three acre forested property in the country. I'm happy to report the big black bear has not returned since it first came to call, but all the other assorted visitors are welcome here.

- 7 - I'm thankful for our new "Math Shark" for setting a motivational mood for our younger children who are actually liking their math reviews. Our son was introduced to this instrument by his math tutor and I was able to secure one myself by purchasing it at a "Scholar's Choice" store in the big city. I feel it's been a great addition to our learning room and wish I knew about it long ago.

- 8 - I'm thankful for better weather so I can get out and get the gardening in progress, especially clearing away all of the undergrowth in the center front area near the roadway. There are so many new wee maple/oak and cherry tree beginnings there that are becoming a nuisance for us to make for more work overall by having to rid the area of them. I wonder if there are others locally who might want great new trees for their properties out there. Hmmm....maybe I'll try offering them on "Freecycle" or "Craigslist" in the near future. Any thoughts?

- 9 - I'm thankful for dozens of horses nearby to appease the love our daughters have to get out to the barn and hang around them all day long. Actually, the horse owners where they both ride have extended a permanent invitation to them to feel free to come and keep on riding the horses as they are able because they have a personal philosophy that horses should be ridden daily. It's also advantageous to them all to keep in good physical condition as they are required for their corporate trail riding sessions during the peak of summer where resorts nearby send busloads of corporate groups to partake during their business break times.

The biggest blessing of all happened this week when the riding instructor whispered in our older daughter's ear she was no longer required to pay for any further riding lessons (no matter how many there would be) as she has been such a big help around the barn. She has become a valuable asset to this instructor but really they are blessing each other if you ask me. (grin, grin, grin) This just made all of us really happy this week, super fantastic is the word.

- 10 - I'm thankful for spending time when able to adventure around and see new sites. It's a deeply heartfelt sensation to wonder where "SAINTS" once roamed. Take for instance this boating dock in Midland where murals abounded with super sized images of St. Jean de Brebeuf and other Canadian Martyrs, those men who once walked this land and evangelized the faith, those who continued to respond to grace long after these men were martyred for their very existence while living in the area. Resting not far from this water's edge is the Martyrs' Shrine where we visited last year and were deeply moved to learn more, view the relics, and visit the grounds. Across the street "Saint Marie of the Hurons" where visitors can explore a recreated 17th century French Jesuit mission headquarters and experience the interaction of the French and Native Huron nation.

Sadly we missed an opportunity last month to attend with our homeschooling group while I was away, but it's open and only a car adventure away for our family to get to another time.

Overall if there's one thing I am extremely thankful for it has to be life in a new area, finer weather and lots of exploring tempting me out the door this summer. Just two more weeks of schooling and we are breaking for the summer and taking time for many relaxing moments and adventures that will send this mama into sheer bliss wonder...laugh.