Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simplicity in Nature....

While playing with my camera this past weekend, I was able to examine a few subjects up close using my macro setting. The magnification ability left me reveling in the simplistic and yet so intrinsic beauty of my nature finds.

I was thrilled to come upon this humble little bee seeking some nectar on this bud. My poor husband wasn't wanting anything to do with this photo opportunity - splendor bit of nature or not, preferring instead to walk away instead. He is always leary of bees due to being allergic to their dreaded stings. Oh well....he can enjoy this photo instead. :-)

Something so simple as this insect makes one take in a huge breath, marveling at the glorious and yet basic simplicity of the natural world around us. Isn't it such a definite blessing to always be ever thankful to our God and Creator for every good and perfect gift from above, even something so itty bitty as this wee bumble bee? Lovely!