Saturday, October 24, 2009

After your first glance....

After your first glance of the photo above, do tell;
  • What does these colors of this particular autumn color palette remind you of?
  • Can you guess what I'm thinking?
Yep, I told my husband to take a look outside shortly before my own ah-ha moment sunk in and began to take effect. I had asked him the same question then I'm asking you now. No worries, he really had no clue where I was going with this either.

I suggested he think back to the era we were married - the seventies, when all of our furniture and wall paint back then would blend in to this current autumn colored setting in the photo above. He turned to look at me, light bulb registering nice and bright, and then we both began to laugh. And then we were reminded of our wedding theme colors, oranges and golds. :)

After more snickers, I walked to the front door, swung it wide open and proceeded to snap away to capture these photos.

**Blush** below is a photo from our wedding day. I wasn't kidding about the color theme we had going on that day! My cape came from my current day autumn color palette for sure. *wink*

(not great as this was a photo of a photo with glass over top)

Back when we were first married in 1977, we purchased our first home and began to make an attempt at mimicking local decorator/designers' by following their hot color palettes of the day, including an array of fall colors implemented into our home environment.

Those orange, rust and gold colors built our kitchen theme for us. Bright orange painted walls greeted us each morning (blast!) in our tiny postage stamp sized kitchen. Joining in the kitchen decor were happy golden velvet like floral patterns on our white curtain sheers, and a brown pattern on the vinyl flooring to match the (what else?) brown marbled counter tops.

Our living room/dining room decor included browns and oranges with a richly colored GOLDEN yellowed berber carpeting - proving in no time at all that such an inspired seventies theme was definitely going on for us during those first few years.

This was also a time when we first invested in wallpaper to run along the hallway, also autumn themed in color. We really had something going on there, hands down - we were groovy baby!

Shocking to me was playing with my photo in my Picasa 3 program, adding the "warmify" option to my original photo above to find this single click outcome below.

I'm not really laughing or finding it too humorous because with the popularity of magnetic photo albums, this is how my photos became over the years and it took some $$ and consumed plenty of my time to solve the problem by renewing the color on all of my damaged photos from the seventies. On the other hand, wow, I won't lie, this really was the theme colors of that era!

We were real hip alright both in our home and with our selected fashions we wore; polyester pants and wedged heeled shoes. snicker... Looking back now, yikes - what were we thinking?

How about you? What colors were yours in the seventies?

Oh dear! The thought just crossed my mind that some of my audience just might be too young to participate in this conversation. Now I've really done it! Say it ain't too terribly so because I'm beginning to feel a little old now. :) Maybe you don't even remember "shag" carpeting with those special vacuum rakes to get the nap just right either then, right?

Okay, okay, on a much brighter note, here's what the same angle appears like today, sunnier skies and less rainy looking dullness up above. No matter what your walk back in time color palette chosen for your wedding day, your home decor of a seasonal theme, it's all good when the sun shines down upon us isn't it?