Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seasonal Changes out my Window

In just over a week the colors of autumn have literally exploded around our home.

Seasonal changes are becoming more notable and obvious when glancing out my windows to our property views. We have truly been spoiled with the sensational autumn color palette on our property, let alone in the area surrounding us.

I thought to include the photo below today, one I was able to snap from my kitchen doorway with views to the back end of the property (we own three forested acres here). I think it's just marvelous to witness the beauty of nature just a mere step beyond the threshold of our doorway.

The past few days have seen frost on the ground and ice scrappers necessary for clearing icy windows in the early morning.

Today we're heading outdoors to gather multicolored leaves for pressing in old telephone books for our winter's store booty of nature items for both display and nature crafting. It will be interesting to collect all of the seeds, nuts, leaves and other assorted items we will find out there.