Saturday, October 24, 2009

Magnified Creeper

As I went into the garage to hop in my vehicle this morning, I happened by chance to witness a single creeper waltzing along near the entry way of the large garage door. With camera in purse (smile), I was able to catch these photos below, magnified for viewing.

An anonymous comment offered these were meal worms, but I assure you they are not.

Someone else suggested they are baby millipedes and I have come to the conclusion they aren't that either. So further investigative study will eventually reveal just "what" they are.

My best guess at this point is they resemble a garden/forest centipede with the exception of varying legs. Check this LINK HERE out to see one type of this insect (2500 worldwide, 70 in Canada alone) which can vary in size, color and type.

Last week hundreds and hundreds of black grackle birds swooped down upon our property and those neighboring ours. They were so noisy and there were vast amounts of them, one wondered if we had been invaded, you know - The Byrds! :)

Guess what they were after? You got it! These guys....and they consumed and dined on plenty of them, population seems down at the end of this week, so let's hope the amounts continues to decline.

Aren't they just the creepiest things to have an abundance of in your garage? I might add those that have entered our garage and basement soon die afterward so they aren't active for long before we find them curled and dried up.