Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun with Nature, #22



The moth in this photo above came to call with buddies in tow, and all kept banging on my screen door when darkness fell each evening.

He didn't appreciate the flash of my camera at all, perhaps I blinded him. Here he is in his finest glory, not a great photo but a photo nonetheless. We will use this in our sketch books when the world stops spinning so swiftly and we catch up on our sketching.

Fun facts about moths;
  • A moth is an insect closely related to a butterfly.
  • There are 150,000-200,000 moths worldwide.
  • Most species are nocturnal which would explain this big guy banging on my screens at night.
  • Moths and particularly their caterpillars are an agricultural pest, guess why?
  • They can be repelled from your garden by using cedar, juniper and lavender plants or essential oils.
  • Predators include bats, owls, birds, lizards and even the occasional bear.
  • A few moths are known to eat clothing but they mostly dine on nectar as the majority don't even have a mouth.
  • Moths usually have furry bodies with feather like antennas.

Invertebrates, otherwise also known as Insects and BUGS!

** This now concludes our posts on Invertebrates, hope you had a super time reading about all of our favorite bugs and insects. :)

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