Monday, October 05, 2009

Walking the talk...

"Mom, did you know it's Life Chain Sunday THIS weekend?"

So it began, plans were being formed for our weekend to include this activity, something we've done for years and years before as a family, that is - until we moved east. And then, just like the snap of a finger, it seems we had fast become out of the loop.

I have loads of warm memories from attending in this prayerful activity over the years and with this information upon me, of course we weren't to miss being there. Living in rural areas doesn't include newspaper subscriptions from nearby cities and I soon realized without the teens' friends informing them of this event, we would've missed it.

As the rain pounded upon us during our drive after mass to our designated standing spot, our loaded vehicle arrived safely and all went according to plan. Good thing as one son left his jacket in my hubby's vehicle and since he wasn't able to take in this one hour (rainy) standing activity with us, he drove home again, jacket in tow.

Two other gals joined us while there and unabashedly all together as a group marched right to a very busy intersection, signs in hand, enduring jeers and finger language, but then even waves, honks and thumbs up to offset them all. Dodging wasps, cold winds blowing and bits of rain overhead, all was peaceful and beautiful.

Deeply touched, I watched as two individual men stop by separately during the hour for the sole purpose of congratulating our group of teens for taking time to stand up for life. Mother here not far away also became deeply touched herself when witnessing the scenes before me, grateful for something moving and positive for the teens to tuck into their hearts for the future from this special day's event.

What a fumbling mother I have become, living in a new area and not even taking the time to find this information out for myself. So proud though for my teens getting us back on track and so pleased to be there enforce with my group.

Shortly after returning our signs at the end of the hour, the rain began to fall...and as all were on the brink of being frozen, we rolled into a Tim Horton's parking lot for a hot cuppa upon our drive for returning the others and ourselves home again.

When we arrived home, my very thoughtful hubby had dinner ready and waiting for us, plus he had stopped to purchase a celebratory cake to mark our "Respect Life Sunday", and of course this month's celebratory reverence for life theme overall.