Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn's Splendor

Mother Nature's way of decorating for Autumn

I want to savor this outdoor seasonal beauty and seer it onto my heart for remember well when the vision disappears and snow soon arrives when we become knee deep in the white fluffy stuff. It is then when color will seem forever a time in the past during the bleak cold months sure to arrive shortly.

Our snow will begin to fall any time now. Soon snow shovels will replace rakes, toques and gloves will replace baseball hats and winter coats will harbor all from the chills of the new season ahead.

Today the hall closet near the garage door was gutted. All of the winter boots were pulled out only to find three of our children require larger ones again this year. I'd better hustle out and obtain some soon or as always the supply and demand will leave us in a pickle with a scavenger hunt extraordinaire.

Summer flip flops, soccer shoes, soccer accessories, baseball hats, and rubber boots were replaced with warmer shoes, and a great supply of winter woolens ready at a moment's notice.

Summer clothes are now replaced with warmer items, and many hoodies will remain within reach to wear UNDERneath of the winter coats.

Even though we're down to only four children still living at home instead of eight, it's still quite an undertaking rotating wardrobes and preparing for a more frigid season but all is made easier when capturing copious amounts of colored leaves literally tumbling down en masse onto the frosty blanketed ground below this morning.

Like it or not - It's time to prepare for winter

Watching copious amounts of leaves dancing to the ground

For now I will continue to remain in "Autumn mode" and rebel a bit because I'm not ready to end this spectacular color palette outside of my doorway, any of our doorways in fact. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE falling snow. You know I do. Okay, so as always - bring it on when it's time! I'm just not quite ready for the timing of winter yet.

So, here's to the Autumn splendor I'm loving today. Explosions of color with bright blue sunny skies... now that's a perfect combination right there, isn't it? Lovely!

I was able to capture a leaf shower this morning, just can't seem to get it uploaded right now. I'll be back later when our internet speed catches up with our system in another post. No worries, I won't forget. :)