Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It was a "Happy Father's Day!" over here...

It was time. 

A few weeks ago now, I contacted a scrap metal dealer, who in turn answered my call and showed up to remove a load of metal items I wanted gone from our home. One of those items was my hubby's beloved barbeque, which in all senses of the word, was ready to go. It was riddled with signs of rust, and the grill wasn't worth cooking on during this summer's outdoor cookout season. At all. 

My poor husband. During his week off work two weeks ago now, I knew he was longing to get outdoors and cook us up a big feast every evening, and he all but sighed a few times, knowing his piece of rusty metal (grin) was long gone. Instead, with higher temperatures wreaking havoc on his lungs outdoors, he opted to cook indoors, planned a full week of meals, and we were able to enjoy feasting inside the whole week long, thankful to my hubby loving to cook at all. 

When the great big box was set inside our garage, I tried to camouflage it by throwing a big blanket over the top. I know he would suspect, and want to know what was under there, but he wouldn't suspect long even if he had peaked, because our two boys sprung into action the very next day to assemble the new barbeque everyone knew would be a perfect gift for dad. 

What the boys never knew was how many million pieces there would be, or the complex instructions that came along with such an assembly project. 

Three hours later, it was together, upright and ready to surprise my hubby once he arrived home. 

 All that was required was the hookup duty to the gas outlet, a job for dad. 

My hubby also had no idea that he was cooking dinner that night, a midweek dinner at that (surprise!), and his steaks he has so craved had been marinating all afternoon in the fridge, along with his wrapped spuds and veggies. 

 I plopped a glass of red wine in his hands, toasted to him, and then sat and kept him company while he cooked up his dinner feast. 

What a ham he was as you can see from the photos below, quite a happy man to have this surprise before him.

Happy Father's Day!