Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When a salamader came to call

Just when things seem to appear to be much calmer, and school is slowly inching towards a summertime break, all becomes incredibly distracted this day, by our son's discovery of a wee salamander slithering about on our property.

And he's pretty cute too!

Why have we never seen these before? Who knows? 

Schooling on the back deck has been wonderful in the early morning hours, the added wee breeze keeps everyone cool before the intense beginning of the heat for the day. 

And then, everything of course - is interrupted. 

All in a good way of course...

Nature identification, and nature books in general slowly begin to sprawl out on the table. 

Children study, detect possible feeds and drink for a timely nature study. All gets rolling along proving to become a morning of serious educational rabbit trail discovery, deeply delving into the book/internet resources and solving curiosities.

The morning hours fly by with the friendly salamander watch/play timing right there on the back deck table, and then, the inevitable happens when mother says; 

"Okay, time to let him out so he can get back to his own familiar surroundings."

And, just in time for summoning them for a lunch break.

A morning of sweet salamander surprises did indeed fill their hours with an extra nature study, completely and utterly filled with enthusiasm and intrigue. And, a schooling schedule remained incomplete, when they were summoned for a refreshing drink and midday meal when the fishy crackers just weren't enough anymore. :)

Psst. I think they learned much, even with the thought of this welcomed bit of distraction.