Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where in the world is....

...the bedroom window curtain? 

It's horse riding season, prime time for riding outdoors, and for preparing for more upcoming horse shows. There is one this Saturday for our younger daughter, and it's been very grueling to get out and ride this week, specially as temperatures and humidity has soared, and environment Canada warnings are rippling through the media airwaves to remain indoors. 

Luckily, last night when the thermometer had been hovering around 100 degrees in the afternoon, plus the addition of humidex values, a thunder and lightning storm rolled in, just in time to lower temperatures for a time, and riding outside became more tolerable.

 (An early midweek morning ride alongside their riding coach)

 There's one thing for sure, just shortly before a riding show, a gal needs to be up on her horse and working in unison with it, attempting to perform as a team. 

Two sisters have been riding and enjoying their sessions together. When weather permits, little missy has been tagging along with her Nana entertaining her.

Summer reading? Oh, no problem around here.

Guess what the theme topic will mostly be about?