Friday, June 29, 2012

Of baby gift blessings, and a lovely rag quilt.

The colorful box arrived in the mail, a special gift from a dear friend. 

The gift wasn't for me though, it was addressed to our daughter, a recent new first-time mommy of a special little baby girl, our tenth grandbaby. 

As you can see from the photo above, our daughter was super thankful to Barbara for her thoughtfulness. She's been utterly grateful, and very often she graciously comments on how she just can't  get over how many people have gone out of their way to bless her in this way. Writing thank you notes has become a general habitual routine since her baby was born. So much love has been offered from near and far.

Thank you to everyone who has so blessed and warmed her new mommy's heart with your beautiful prayers, cards and gifts. She's such a good mommy, so patient and wonderful with her little gal.

Enjoy these photos Barbara, for they are for you my friend...

Our little grandbaby posed well, such an itty bitty photography subject, that is, all except for how curious she is over having a camera pointed near to her. She just wasn't sure about it. At all. She gives that "who me" face every time the camera points near.

Often known as bug eyes, she definitely doesn't think her Nana's camera flash is a friend, rather a foe for the brightness I dare to inflict upon her bulging (camera flash) scary eyes. 

After posing for a time, I think we exhausted this poor little gal. Eventually, her mommy scooped her up into her arms, sat down nearby, and began to read her current book in progress. 

Not long later, someone was happily somewhere off in dreamland, such a sweet and precious sight to me sitting close and noticing her current state of loveliness. 

I just had to snap these two photos of her obviously, happily passed out.

Fast forward about 1.5 months since the photos above were snapped, this wee one has recently graduated from her newborn bed to a much larger crib. She loves to spend a little time kicking about each day, fully absorbed in her colorful animal mobile overhead, with Mozart music playing to her content. 

Her rag quilt is there, usually pulled up toward her face, comfy and so very cozy for her to grab and nuzzle close to her cheeks. 

When she sleeps, she likes to have her quilt right up around her face. She's going to be a girly-girl. We can all just tell when observing the dainty movements of her hands, and the coy looking smiles she offers everyone around her. A happy hearted little gal, this quilt has perfect vibrant and happy colors, a perfect match which suits her little personality very well. 

Thanks again to everyone, and to Barbara for this beautiful rag quilt...