Friday, June 01, 2012

Boys will be boys...

In true style, just when you least expect it, boys will be boys

The slogan for such guy times has always, always been - take it outside... 

This was my husband's rule early on. 

And then, it became mine, husband or boys, or both. 

 Yep, shortly after this photo, the couch leg broke

After having to reconstruct a couch due to guy play and rough housing together while on it, my husband and boy's claim to fame has always been breaking couch legs. It happened once, and then, it happened again - to another couch. So, no more! 

Take it outside boys...and this day, they did. 

Working and slaving over an entire day to continue hauling more trees, clippings and forest floor clutter to the fire pit, our two boys decided to scrap, a guy kind of play. 

Looks to me as though baby brother is catching up, not only in height, but also in muscle power. Looks like he can hold his own against his older brother just fine.