Saturday, January 05, 2013

An old fashioned winter sleigh ride.

An old fashioned sleigh ride in pictures...

Great big Belgian horses attached to sleighs awaited our arrival.

They sure were gorgeous, and attracted the horse crazy neighbor girls.

One of our neighbors called all the others living on the block, to please join them for a New Year's Eve old fashioned sleigh ride.

Timing was perfect to meet after lunch, due to media warnings of another snow storm about to approach.

And it did!

We had another foot of snow later in the day, and windy squalls accompanied it for zero visibility around most parts. It was cold too, blankets were highly recommended for all to keep warm.
Enjoy the photos...

Quite a few neighbors were unable to attend, so all present made an executive decision to make this a yearly event for our entire neighborhood. 
 I know what we'll be doing next New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year everyone, and thank you!