Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gratitude 2013 ~ Make it a Lifestyle!

PLUS, an invitation, and challenge for you...

 Morning has broken...

Gratitude is a character trait and it can fast become a pivotal life skill type of virtue, that doesn't often come easy to many people, certainly there isn't physical evidence spilling from their mouth to indicate they have made it part of their everyday lifestyle. Yet, the heart does indeed recognize when gratitude is present, be it an emotion, some mental thanksgiving, or something more external. 

As mere mortals, we cannot always tell when someone is in the gratitude mode, perhaps expressions lacking for us to witness it. Is it there though? Maybe so.

When one blows dust off and cracks wide open a dictionary, and then begins browsing through to reference the meaning of the word, there on the page where its located, we would immediately learn it's a "noun", meaning an physical action. Therefore, having gratitude would indicate there must be an intent to perform that action, on purpose, in one's personal life.

 Sunshine is spilling everywhere first thing in the morning

The meaning of Gratitude is simply;

  • ~ the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful
  • ~ a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation, as for gifts or favor
Gratitude, if not already inborn in an individual's personality, should become a very important priority in life, a person's deepest desire to build up their thankful storehouses in both mind, heart AND action. 

 Sunshine at noon continues to offer cheery brightness...
As parents we know this entire topic is an important truth, and from the very early ages  of our children, we attempt to instill gratitude into our wee one's precious hearts, by first teaching them to say those first two words; "thank you"

Having said that, we as parents also know it to be true that it is almost impossible to make that happen overnight. 

It must be an intentional personal action in our own lives, a habit worthy of pursuing, every single day, something to graciously ponder, to tweak and tune up often, to develop this character trait. 

So, as the horizon has come to enter into the fold of 2013, speaking for myself, I will continue to focus on my own personal list of thankful things, of blessings found anytime and anywhere, offering small glimpses here upon occasion, with designated posts titled;  "Gratitude 2013 - Making it a Lifestyle"...

My list of "Ten Things I'm Thankful For" posts will also continue to take shape during this upcoming year, however I will also double up my efforts to post a "Gratitude 2013" post opposite to those as I'm able. 

 At 7am the next morning, the moon continued serenading us...

Won't you consider joining me in this effort?  

To begin, I'm making it a goal to begin snapping a 2013 personal photo journal, featuring at the very least, one photo each day (not too difficult) spotlighting something I'm humbly thankful for. 

How about you? Come on along and join the fun, and please feel free to let me know if you do by dropping me at note; at ren (underscore) blk (at) yahoo (dot) com