Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snowy ATV riding adventures.

Our roads were tough to maneuver over after a foot and half of snow fell from the skies. Instead of driving over, our daughter's fiancee decided instead, to use his ATV to get here. 

These two were outdoors for some winter fun, zooming about in the depths of snow covering the grounds near and far. 

While seeking out the trails in our back forest area, all was thrilling, that is until they go stuck, stuck, stuck, and getting out wasn't going to happen unless they drove back the way they came in. 

After settling down and deciding to skip more thrilling adventures, out came the GT sled, and a neighborhood of children wanting rides up and down an adjacent road to our home. 

Fun was had by all. That's for sure, and all thanks to these two for including everyone else in that great activity for the day. Too bad one child broke the helmet clasp though...boohoo.