Friday, January 04, 2013

She bought a horse!

 This is Foxy, otherwise known by her show name; 

"Silver Fox"

She's a dappled gray thoroughbred horse, one who came into our daughter's life quite suddenly when she was accidentally browsing on "Kijiji's advertisements".

Yes, most kids today are on the internet for other purposes, but our daughters are looking at advertisements for horses. I would add that our younger animal-lover daughter also browses advertisements for other animals; bunnies, chickens, and whatever else she thinks we need here at home. Let me tell ya though - there was so much hoopla and excitement around here last month when running across the advertisement for Foxy! 

Foxy came to the barn last month after our daughter took up her coach's offer to assist in checking out this horse ownership possibility with her, and leapt straight into this new chapter in her life. It's like going to view a new puppy in the window of a pet store, you know, the one you come home with because you just have to have it! I told my husband while she was gone, that she would come home with that horse, because i just knew she would...

Foxy's former owner is a nursing student living quite a distance away, and incapable of continuing care for her sweet girl. So, once the difficult choice was made for her to find a new home for her horse, she decided it would not be sold to anyone. Oh no! She was adamant to remain quite picky over who the new owner would be, but once she met our daughter, and her coach (whom she loved!), she very much welcomed the idea of Foxy joining a new family, subsequently traveling the distance to her new home over this way. Both owners will be keeping in touch, hitting it off very well that I can see them becoming friends over time too, a real bonus for both!

 Aside from having to put more weight on, Foxy has proven in such a short time to be a wonderful horse, with the sweetest disposition. 

The coach told our daughter that very day, "if you don't take this horse, I want her because she's the best horse I've seen around in ages!" Needless to say, as these two continue to bond together, there is so much loving happening for this horse within the barn community since first arriving there on that wet and rainy day.

She rides like the wind, takes any jump and is completely affectionate towards her new owner/rider. Looking forward to all great things to come for these two in the future. 

Who would have thought she would buy her own horse about now? Me, that's who. I just knew she was sunk once she left home to 'take a looksy'.... smiling....  

We all know that no one comes out empty handed doing that! :)