Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year's Eve - food fare traditions

On New Year's Eve, we've shared before our long standing family tradition of having Chinese food for dinner. 

The past three years, we've dined out wearing finest attire, at the "Mandarin Gardens Restaurant", a food fare extravaganza truly fit for a King! 

We noticed during our meal last year, there was such a rush in, and rush out atmosphere, our meal seemed rushed to the point of feeling like pigs at the buffet trough. Enough we said, time for a change. 

Change is usually fresh and very good!

This year then, we returned to what we've done on many past occasions; ordered in. 

For a fraction of the cost, we could dine in the comfort of our own home. 

Having just experienced the great sleigh ride earlier in the day, and the others assembling with us after work, and other activities, the family gathered round and helped themselves. Much more casual, we all felt it was a great change for us this year. 

Here's to 2013; a fresh canvas. 

We are already writing our year by now, aren't we? 

How then shall we live it?