Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baking day!

Baking Day!

Three gals gathered to take over the kitchen shortly before the dinner hour for the sole purpose of baking a very large and so (yummy) fresh batch of cookies. They pondered which type of cookie to make, and once the decision was made, they began to hunt through my large collection of cookie cutters, choosing many fun shapes and sizes for creating the perfect cookie of choice.

With all items gathered and near at hand, also within reach, they began to dream of sugar plums dancing in their heads, but it was really the catchy upbeat dancing theme in progress outside with our guest “Happy Feet” working up quite the entertainment for us. The beat out there was so catchy, thus the gals also tapped as they worked, and played tunes on the piano for one another while the cookies were in the oven baking, and music filled the air.

My, they worked hard, and the cookie production never seemed to end!

Once the task was complete, they donned their winter wear and headed outdoors for some fun in the snow, and to the barn to play with the animals.

A lovely day overall, such a good time, and yummy cookies at that!


Three gals and a baking production in progress.