Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrating Christmas in the West.

Celebrating Christmas ... the West

While we were celebrating Christmas in the east, the rest of our family was celebrating in the west.

The white FedEx truck traveled across the land, carrying one very large box of gifts for the rest of the gang out west. There was also a smaller box sent at the same time, something I want to mention here in case anyone else has had this experience before. The smaller box was for our daughter, whose birthday fell around the same time as the shipping departure time. When the boxes were received at their destination, the smaller box had been sliced opened, all her birthday gift wrapping paper on the gifts was ripped into smithereens, and it was interesting to note even her birthday card envelope was torn open, card thrown back into the box with the rest. Before sending, all of the gifts had been placed inside of a plastic bag and tied, just in case of any moisture becoming absorbed by the cardboard box. It was a real shame to hear she had to open a box which seemingly looked like it was “full of garbage” at first glance. Hopefully no one else has encountered this premeditated vandalized bit of action in their shipping, but if you have, please tell me about it.

Back to “Christmas in the west”…

Most of the family was able to meet last Sunday for a nice breakfast brunch together, hosted by our eldest daughter and her husband in their home.

Prior to their gathering, we had fun here in the east assembling the gift packages and the fun little extras, something offering a nice round of laughter for the bunch, with designer head gear to wear.

Who says it can’t be fun to gather round, and make a memory while feeling like their parents were a bit daft with the resulting photo opportunities ahead of them for the rest of their day. Actually, truth be told, they all seemed to have fun with this little idea, so thanks for being great sports everyone!

It was thrilling for us to have pictures arrive in emails shortly after their gathering ended, an early Christmas for all before the rest of the week zoomed by and other family and friend commitments occurred.

These two had to work, and
opened their gifts later on.

Memories are made of these; time together, moments cherished celebrations to last a lifetime in our hearts.