Monday, December 17, 2007

In the eye and after the calm of the storm.

Well now, that was some snow storm!

For most of yesterday, emergency announcements were circulating throughout the media, alerting everyone to remain at home, and stay off roads. The snowstorm dropped a foot and a half of snow, which would be difficult enough for most motorists, but it was the wild and severe winds mixed up with monstrous snow squalls, leaving no desires for anyone to feel encouraged to drive anyway. Most of the town and city were closed, even the mall!

Winds began to pick up speed.

We spent the better part of the daylight watching the storm ripping through our property, and the snow squall accompanying it lasted just as long, forcing the falling snow to hit the windowpanes, rise up against doorways and promote the snowdrifts here and there of larger proportions.

In the eye of the snowstorm, this was a
snowsquall offering limited visibility.

Playing cards to pass the time.

When I prepared for bed last night, I caught a clearer sky beginning to break up, and a glimpse shortly afterwards with a zillion stars glowing brightly for the promise of a better tomorrow.

Yes indeed the sun was shining this morning, roads were not too bad with the ice and snow trucks working round the clock to get them into shape for this business as usual day, and a lovely calm was at hand.

Hockey anyone?

It's just so lovely and white today, sunny and beautiful, though much of the snow was blown far and wide, and drifts were plentiful everywhere. Snow shovels were a good thing today around those areas necessary to plow through by hand.

There used to be a ditch here!