Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy, Happy Day!

Oh! Happy, Happy Day!

It was such a fine day yesterday, our resident guest preferred to spend the day outdoors, lapping up the rays of the sun and the frigid temperatures as day turned into night.

A lovely winter day for a number outdoors.

Happy Feet danced a merry number to the peaked confusion of the dogs, both of them whimpering over just whom that scaly mammal was nearby.

High on a hillside, the dogs watched and wondered.

Standing at attention, Happy Feet tapped his way round the property, enjoying the festivities of the dogs howling chant, making for a merry time for all observers this day.

Happy Feet loved the shoveled walkway.

Once he had enough, he returned indoors, greeting other guests who gathered to make cookies together in the kitchen.

Three gals and a flapper!

As the aroma of freshly backed sugar cookies wafted through the air, Happy Feet fell into a dreamy slumber, happily awaiting another tomorrow to get out to perform new dancing numbers outdoors again.

Enjoying the lovely winter sunset!