Friday, January 11, 2008

After the break, comes the review...

Review, and more review!

Well, is it the teacher or the student who revels in review after a break from schooling? I firmly believe a basic educational review is very wise for both the student, and the teacher, which in this particular case, it is myself and the children at home.

When there are extended vacations, or occasions when a large span of time seemingly interrupts a regular schooling schedule, including a proper review period is right where it's at. Everyone here enjoys this time when necessary, especially when they're able to revisit the manipulatives of choice this week shown below.

Three language boxes of ... PINK, BLUE, GREEN

These are the colors of the Montessori Language boxes.

All this week, our younger children are in the midst of much review, either by using many hands-on manipulatives, computer review programs, or by using plain old paper and pen next to mother. As it stands this time around, the review for language phonetics featured this week, was accomplished by using our Montessori language boxes; the Pink, Blue and Green containers with delightful wee things located inside for young hands to work with. Even the older children enjoy browsing through these containers and revisiting old friends inside. Dare I say, it's a lovely break from boring repetition from mother, or from within the bookwork realm. It does end up giving mom and moment to have a cup of tea, or a child a few moments to enjoy the learning review in progress. Everyone wins.

With all that said, here is a Montessori review of from the pink, blue and green phonetic boxes I assembled a number of years ago. They come in so handy with many phonetic games and learning objections for basic review, all held within the little separate squares in the storage container.

Pink Box

I love using these boxes for review, and find myself attracted to the wee things inside just
as the children do too. It's easy to become attracted to the fun manipulatives and think of the wee things within the miniature world they come from. The Playmobil are still the favorite items, but then again, there are many other sweet items in them as well.

Blue Box

Such sweet little items make language review fun.

Just to pass along a wonderful free resource for some of the items within my boxes, you can find free downloads both HERE and HERE.

Finally, the green box
(some of the words are missing in the photo)

Don’t know about Montessori principles of learning, try THIS LINK, or THIS ONE. Our Learning Center can be found HERE, at least this is the center these language and math centers are stored on.