Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the kitchen again!


The three amigos at it again...

The girls were back in the kitchen this week working mighty hard creating a meal. Our daughter’s two friends have never before tasted French crepes, so a tutorial of sorts was in our midst and once again, enjoyed by all.

My oh my do these girls ever have a fun time when they visit together in the kitchen. I very much enjoyed just listening to their giggles and found them to be great fun in our home.

Passing on our recipe to you all, it’s so simple;

Basic breakfast crepe;

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

2 eggs

I’ve cheated so many times with this little recipe myself, sometimes using a blender to mix everything quickly. Throw everything in a blender or mixmaster, liquids first adding the dry ingredients slowly to make a moist and light batter. The batter needs to be a bit runny, not like a pancake or waffle mix.

Using cooking spray give a rounded frying or crepe pan a light coating, or if you want to make them in their true fashion, preheat the pan on medium heat until you feel the heat by lowering our hand inside the pan a bit to feel its warmth. Use either canola oil or real butter allowing it to melt and heat for a second before adding the batter in resulting in a perfect lightly browned crepe upon completion.

Hold the batter over the center of the pan, dropping in only enough batter into the center with one hand, and the other hand holding the handle, lifting the pan off the heat while turning it around and around so the batter rotates to form a perfect circle (it takes practice, as it needs to be done very quickly).

Obviously, like a pancake, this very thin crepe needs to be turned over for equal browning, so the trick is to use a wide spatula, inserting it through the center of the crepe lifting a wee bit around to the outer sides once underneath of it, and then in one quick motion, lift and turn, adjusting as necessary.

With these three simple ingredients, an entire meal can be created. We have always had to quadruple the batter and it can by multiplied easily without a fuss. If you prefer using whole-wheat flour, you may need a wee bit more liquid, or another option is to sift the flour first to make it lighter. If you are looking for a dessert crepe, add a tsp. or two of icing sugar to the mix.

Do not forget using fruit for the center, either on its own or with maple syrup and whipping cream, or try our family favorite of spreading peanut butter all over the crepe before rolling and then dripping maple syrup on top. Don’t say ewwww until you try it! Num!!

If they can do it, so can you.

Let me know how you do!