Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Faithful companion in the kitchen.

My old friend...

My faithful companion in the kitchen, my perfect standby maiden helper, is my Betty Crocker cookbook. This was the very first cookbook I owned, and I purchased it back in 1976, the year of the Olympics in Montreal, Quebec. I felt so grown up and oh so smug joining the Doubleday book club that same year, and this cherished and beloved cookbook was one of my very first purchases, along with several Richard Scarry hardcover books for the baby I was carrying at that time.

Cookbooks galore on my shelves.

Isn’t amazing how we can acquire shelves full of cookbooks in our kitchens, and yet, we always magnate to our favorite book? I once had many cookbooks on my shelves, probably far too many in fact. Over the years I've managed to sift and sort through them all, eventually choosing to discard those that I wasn’t much at all.

Splatters and stains don't matter to us.

But, this sweet helper is my true blue pal in my kitchen. Even with all the bits of dried up batter on some of our favorite recipe pages, the stains from splatters while baking, and a taped up binding, it’s still (as Shania Twain would say) “the one”.

It’s been interesting to me to notice how often all of our children also continue to pull this very cookbook off my shelves, a preferred tutorial and a plethora of helpful photos is always awaiting them within the pages of its covers.

Our teen daughter used the cookbook to
present the family with this apple crisp for this
past Sunday's dessert feast. Complete with a
scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was delicious.

I know, I know, I’m just so not up to date in my kitchen, and yes, Betty Crocker’s modern cookbooks offer many more pages than my own copy has, however my copyright dated book continues to offer much charm and memorable moments in my kitchen, so perhaps this year I will search for a copy just like this one on eBay, just in case the day comes where this one is no longer usable with all the future chefs still residing in our home and using it to the fullest. (wink)