Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thrift store adventures

My Thrift Store Adventures

As anyone who is either related or associated with me knows, I love thrift stores and I’m known to divert routes within a moment’s notice to hit a great looking garage sale! Yes, my poor hubby doesn’t enjoy the sport of “sailing”, garage sailing that is, or thrift sailing, or didn’t until I found brand new hockey equipment almost eight years ago when he was with me, and I insisted he stopped the vehicle….for just a moment (wink). He was greatly impressed to be exact, and excited!

The journey into thrift store delights was just that – a journey. I used to hate entering into them when I was younger before marrying, for it was then my own mother used to take me with her during her own thrift store pursuits. To me, the places just reeked of moth balls and all things cedar…snicker. Later on in my life, I found one near me without the long remembered scent, and I was hooked.

Thrift stores are all so unique. The one I used to frequent held an adventurous promenade through its aisles week after week, mostly when I was already in the area that is when I would happen to pop by. The parking lot was small, so if there was a parking space to fill, it became my cue to browse. And browse I did!

Often such excursions held much surprise for me as I wondered what would be there for me each time I entered the doors. To my delight, our huge lego, playmobil and wooden block collections became larger with special finds in plastic bags, those filled with those desired items. The children used to know their first stop was to a certain area, to find whatever it was the family was collecting during that time, and often they would squeal with a few animal duplos, wee collectible Madame Alexander dolls they didn’t have, wooden blocks to make Russian turrets on their buildings for great architectural finds, small finds for the dollhouse, and whatever filled the current interest. The older children enjoyed perusing for games, sport equipment, movies, and once the shopping bug really hit, new clothing. It became a mother and children activity, and everyone was on board with the fun, except for…guess who? (though he liked what we found!)

Always a book lover, I would peruse the book stacks, and eventually I would learn how to tell which were not only old and valuable, but also which were worth collecting, and which I could purchase for “a song” and resell on EBay for a small fortune compared to the cost. It was then my book selling business really developed, and with it allowed for the sole financial ability for many things when my hubby became very ill, needing much time off his work. I loved the diversity of this business, though it was often time consuming, and the “finds” and “treasures” I was able to gather have long since filled our own family library with abundance. If you have not read about our family library, you can find out all about it HERE.

Moving east I think one of the things we all miss the most (other than our families) was our frequent visits to our preferred thrift store, believe it or not. I have yet to find one equally delightful, though I’ve often peaked into new ones here and there.

This past week I decided to give one in town another chance, and bingo, I was blessed with a few lovely finds, and here they are;

A Creative Memories 7x7 special edition album.

No pages are present, but who cares. Price? 99 cents, a savings of well over thirty dollars.

Creative Memories lifetime warranty is always a bonus.

A very small flower press for little hands - 99 cents

A brand new and unsealed box of stationary - 1.99

The treasure above was worth the browse, and one more item not shown was the addition of a lovely vase for 49 cents. I may have to stop by more often, and I'll keep you in touch when I hit the jackpot anytime again.