Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wild Weather Warnings...

Wild Weather Warnings.

And guess where this photo was snapped?

Somehow the weather patterns became confused over the course of this past week I swear!

Just less than one week ago, we experienced this type of weather above, and I was madly smitten with it all, loving every moment of it so much! (bring it on!)

The weather warnings soon changed as a warm breeze began coasting up from the south. The ensuing warming temperatures afforded the piles of snow a sudden thaw, all beginning to disappear in record paces with flooding developing in many areas. Our property developed a few water areas, and two mini lakes in the back which the children are encouraged by, because if temperatures should freeze very shortly, more ice rinks will form naturally.

By Monday this past week, temperatures had climbed upwards to 60 degrees instead of the zero degree weather we experienced just shortly before. There is a seemingly giant stir with the locals mumbling about how this is unheard of here at this time of year, and never before had they experienced such warm weather in the new beginnings of January's days.

By Monday evening, we experienced a huge thunder and lightning storm, and apparently there were multiple tornado warnings working their way towards our area, though they never arrived. Instead areas of Chicago were hit, and others.

Torrential rains ran down the window all day!

Like a bucket of water suddenly tipping over and drenching an area around it, the rains began to spill from the clouds overhead, and in a wild torrent of the wet stuff began, leaving us to wonder if Noah was once again about building a new ark somewhere! It rained, and it rained for the entire night, and continued all throughout yesterday.

This morning when the alarm clock sounded, it was against my better nature to peak out and glance through the window shades at the weather outside. It just felt like another bleak day ahead, something akin to those Vancouver weather patterns we came from back in the west. However, when I became braver, I slowly opened one eye to take a peak and the sun was shining brightly outside.

Sun was shining brightly all day today!

Today, it felt like spring with the sunny weather filtering inside through the windows, and everyone wanted to get outdoors after schooling to begin their chores, the dog walking and newspaper deliveries. It felt so refreshing to open the windows up and let in that fresh beautiful air. Let’s hope nothing in the nature world gets confused by this sudden turn of wild weather warning patterns, and to be sure, I’ll be checking the weather report again tonight out of curiosity for what lay ahead tomorrow.

Maybe some more sun? Sure

Maybe more snow? Bring it on!