Friday, January 25, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!

Up! Up! And Away!

My youngest daughter accompanied me on my westbound flight where several issues awaited our surprise arrival, some expected, some not. The most joyful goal was to meet our new grand-daughter, little Jacinta Marie.

As we flew into the wild blue yonder, we felt incredibly blessed watching a dismal morning become radiant as the sun began to rise and greet us this day, eventually filling the skies with shades so blue, truly the heavens were beckoning us forward to our final destination with an artist's color palette to delight in. What wonderful hues of blue surrounding us up in the skies, and yet when glancing below, white billowy pillow clouds looked like a pool of cotton balls without gaps in between to view anything below them or know they were not the terra ferma ground underneath.

White clouds so fluffy and billowy were all we could see below.

Mountain peaks filled with snow between sky and cloud.

Dead center between sky and clouds nearer to our destination, were the Rocky Mountains, well, at least the snowy peaks rising above those white puffy clouds.

I have to admit the scenery was breathtaking!

With a sudden thought, I reached for my camera in my carry on bag beneath the seat in front of me, knowing how spectacular it was to view such a sight that I must snap photos. However, these photos do not do the exact scene any justice.

View from our window.

Mount Baker came into full view.

I followed those mountains far and wide until I saw it... Mount Baker, the local inactive volcano known for fabulous skiing in winter, great hiking in summer and the crater dome at the top of its glorious height. Here it was in its grandest splendor, and I was there snapping photos for you to see.