Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sort of....)

For the record, my blogging break didn't come voluntarily, believe me.

Last Friday I slammed my vehicle's door on my right hand's pointer finger just a tad above the first joint, with just the right amount of pressure to split open the back side and bruise my fingernail to the point that I think I may lose it. ugh

It hurt. It really hurt.

I wore four steri strips to hold the split together and kept it well cleansed at all times. I wasn't able to really type well and therefore I apologize to those who have been calling to assure all is well over here. All is well. I am mending fine. :-)

We've also been experiencing monsoon summer storm rains, rainforest like in nature with soft streams of water flowing down hard in the high temperature heat, creating a misty fog in our backyard forest. Plan B took effect this week as my hubby is on vacation from his work and the outdoor work has been unachievable thus far due to constant thunder, lightning and guessed it - lotsa rain! Warm rain!

We've actually enjoyed the delicate rainforest type of rain and it's been kind of neat to fling open the doors and windows early in the morning to rain and a bazillion birds singing in our trees. Yes, I swear - a bazillion. Here's hoping they feast on our mosquitoes!

Wordless Wednesday then is.....

PLAN B - Tackling the Indoor Goal Sheet for the Week.
(many items checked off, few photos)

Super sunshine = blinds for the windows!

WORST thing - don't ask.
It's everywhere thanks to the builder's trade!

THICK in organizing!