Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The dance recital

Another daughter, another dance recital to attend. This daughter however was new to the wonderful world of ballet and tap dancing, having only been trained for a couple of months since moving to the east.

She performed well, her smile radiated to the audience, her joy of the dance shined through, and no stage fright was present. She absolutely adored wearing a tutu (we rented the costume), then taking it off to trade it for the tap skirt with fringe for the next number. The theatrical makeup was strange to see on a young gal so small, but necessary for the stage presence desired from the studio teachers.

The organization of the studio owners was commendable, the location terrific. Naturally there's always one young gal who forgets her number, so the one in the center was having a tough night here.

This performance was eagerly awaited, and now, they have been invited to participate in a Canada Day parade locally. Another adventure to be sure, she will be there. In fact, I predict our young gal will continue with her ballet, and possibly the tap dancing for a while yet.